October Mission Board (and September Recap)


My main goal for September was to find a good work/life balance. I'm a teacher and I knew going back to school was going to be difficult. I haven't quite achieved the perfect balance yet between school work, time with my family, and time for myself, but I'm going to keep working on it!

Before I set goals for the next month, let's take a look at how I did meeting my goals for September.


With school starting I decided to focus on two HEALTH goals that would hopefully keep me from getting sick which tends to happen at the beginning of every school year. First, I needed to make sure got at least 8 cups of water a day, if not a whole lot more! I also needed to get back to going to bed earlier and make sure I'm getting enough sleep. Except for a few days here and there I definitely got in my water. I LOVE having a water bottle refilling station right outside my classroom door! My sleep goal was 7+ hours a night. This one was a bit more challenging, but mostly because of my kids....who kept waking me up ("I can't find my stuffed animal." "I need lotion." "Can you help straighten my blankets."). Once again though, I did manage to meet my sleep goals most of the time.

I also had two HOME goals for this month. I wanted to get out my fall decorations and go through my clothes and do a bit of purging. Check and check!

My goal for ME TIME this month was to take full advantage of the time my boys were in school and I was home in the mornings to help me get back on track fitness-wise. I started out great the first week and even tried jogging a couple times for the first time since my back injury back in July! Then I got stuck in a rut of doing other things in the morning...housework, getting my car fixed (multiple times), volunteering, going to school early to get work done, shopping, etc. I did a better job this last week again of getting in some good workouts, but I definitely don't think I fully met this goal.

FINANCIAL-  I wanted to set up an appointment with our financial adviser and increase the amount of money we are putting into our Roth IRAs every month since we are no longer paying for daycare expenses. Done!

My FOOD goal for September was to get back on track and make sure I was counting every calorie using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. No more sad faces in my planner! Um....I'm pretty sure I still had lots of days I didn't calculate my calories. Boo!

This month I had two BE SOCIAL goals....date night and girls' night! The girls' night was a success! Date night...ugh! Once again our baby-sitter had to cancel, so we're hoping to reschedule soon, but as of now it still hasn't happened.

Finally, my FITNESS goals...I was going to continue to do the  7 Best Sacroiliac Joint Pain Exercises daily. Then as I said for my ME TIME goal I was going to workout three mornings a week. This month was not a good one for meeting goals...I did not do these regularly either!

I guess I better work a little harder to meet my goals for October, so let's take a look at what they are!


First up, HEALTH goals....no changes here! These goals have been working for me and I'm staying healthy so once again I'm aiming for 8+ cups of water a day and 7+ hours of sleep a night.

HOME- It's time to clean up the yard and put away the toys and patio furniture before the snow starts to fly!

I've got a couple ME TIME goals this month. First, I'm going to go back to a goal from earlier this year that I wasn't able to complete because of my back injury. I'm going practice piano and schedule a day to play at church. Second, I need a pedicure...bad! 

My FINANCIAL goal for October is going to be to start setting up my 2018 Budget Planner in the Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner I bought a couple months ago. I wish I couple be putting more money into our mortgage or savings accounts like other months, but realistically we'll be paying for my car repairs and won't have the "extra" money to do that anyway.

FITNESS is one area I definitely need to improve this month since I struggled quite a bit here in September. Once again I'll be doing the  7 Best Sacroiliac Joint Pain Exercises daily and trying to get in three good cardio workouts a week. I'm also going to add some hand weights back into my daily routine.

BE SOCIAL- Another girls' night! Only this time I'm working on planning a get together with some girls I haven't seen in a LONG time.

Finally, my FOOD goals for October are to make healthier lunches and eat out less!

Since I have not been losing much weight lately...basically I've been maintaining for months I decided to add a weight goal again this month. I don't have a lot left to lose to get to my ultimate weight goal, but for this month I'd like to try to lose about a pound a week. That makes my weight goal for the month 148 pounds!

That's it for the month of October! No DREAM BIG goal again this month. I wanted to use another one of the cute, decorative stickers instead. :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great month!