September Mission Board (and August Recap)


Well...August was definitely MUCH better than July! We started the month spending a fabulous week at a resort in northern Minnesota with my entire family. The weather was great! The kids had a blast! And best of all, my back finally started to get better!

So, let's take a quick look and see how I did at meeting my goals for the month of August.


First up...HEALTH. I was aiming for 8+ cups of water every day again this month and I did a pretty good job. Once again, I failed to use the habit trackers, but if I flip through each week I can see that most of my water drops are filled in. Yeah me!

ME TIME- I finished my book that I started in July at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, I never even opened up another book. Big fat fail!

My HOME goal for August was to go through my boys clothes and make sure they have everything they need for the new school year. I also removed anything that doesn't fit anymore and either stored it away for my youngest to use or donated/sold the things neither of them will be able to use. If you're interested in seeing my process for this I will link my video on Kids Clothing Organization.

August's FINANCIAL goal was a little different. Instead of putting any extra money towards our mortgage, we put any extra income into our boys savings accounts.

For my BE SOCIAL goal I looked back at my yearly goals page and remembered I wanted to work on "dating" my husband, so I contacted our baby-sitter and we have a couple date nights scheduled for the next couple months. Yeah!

FOOD- This month was full of birthday celebrations. My youngest son turned six and I turned the big 4-0!!! We also had a number of other family birthdays we celebrated, so my FOOD goal was to enjoy the birthdays, but don't go too crazy! Honestly, I could have done a little bit better with this, but at least rather than wasting calories on plain, old cake that I don't really like....I got a delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake for my birthday!

My last goals were FITNESS related. I wanted to do a daily routine that would help strengthen my back and core. I had planned on doing the "5 Low-Impact Moves to Strengthen Your Back and Core" from the Advanced Pain Management website, but after my third trip to the hospital the doctor figured out the source of my pain was likely my SI Joint and recommended I try these exercises instead:  7 Best Sacroiliac Joint Pain Exercises.

My other FITNESS goal was step-related and was inspired by one of my subscribers who for her 40th birthday set the goal to get 40,000 steps. Weather was not my friend the week of my 40th birthday which made it extremely difficult to get 40,000 steps. I tried again the following week with no success. It's hard, people! 

Now onto September....WAIT! What? How in the world is it September already? Didn't I just get my 2017 Inkwell Press planner? Speaking of Inkwell Press...will you be buying something in the launch on September 6th? I will definitely be buying something, actually I may buy a few things because I'm not quite sure what I want to use in 2018 yet!

Anyways...let's not worry too much about 2018 yet. Time to think about September!


With school starting it's time to focus on the two HEALTH goals that will hopefully keep me from getting sick which tends to happen at the beginning of every school year. First, I need to make sure I continue to get at least 8 cups of water a day, if not a whole lot more! I also need to get back to going to bed earlier and make sure I'm getting enough sleep, so I will be using my FitBit to track how many hours I sleep each night. My goal is to get at least 7+ hours every night.

I also have two HOME goals for this month. I want to get out my fall decorations. I probably won't do this right away at the beginning of the month, but I want to make sure I have everything put out before October is here. My second HOME goal is to go through my clothes and do a bit of purging. I got my boys' closets cleaned out last it's my turn!

Both my boys will be in school full-time this year! I can hardly believe it, but my baby will be in all day kindergarten and my oldest is starting second grade. I had the option to go back to teaching full-time this year, but decided to stay part-time for now. I LOVE being able to get my boys off to school in the morning as well as have the flexibility to volunteer in their classrooms or get them to appointments without having to take time off work. I am also really excited about the opportunity this will give me for some more ME TIME. I mean really most days from 9-11:30 (when I leave for work) will be ME TIME. Yipppeeee!!! But seriously, my goal for ME TIME this month is to take full advantage of that time to help me get back on track fitness-wise. I am still not completely sure my back can handle jogging, but I may give it a try sometime. My goal is for three mornings to get in a good workout...a long walk, cardio of some kind, abs, hand weights, etc. The other two mornings will be me time to take care of house hold things like laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Then I can have evenings and weekends to spend quality time with my boys.

FINANCIAL- This goal also stems from my youngest starting kindergarten. We will no longer have to pay for daycare/preschool. Yipppeeee again! Before we get too used to having that extra money I want to set up an appointment with our financial adviser and increase the amount of money we are putting into our Roth IRAs every month.

I have been absolutely terrible with eating lately! My FOOD goal for September is to get back on track and make sure I am counting every calorie using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. No more sad faces in my planner!

This month I have two BE SOCIAL night and girls' night!

Finally, my FITNESS goals...I am going to continue to do the  7 Best Sacroiliac Joint Pain Exercises daily. Then as I said for my ME TIME goal I am going to workout three mornings a week. What kind of exercise I do will depend on my back and the weather. It may be a long walk or a workout video or a simple hand weight and ab routine. I'm hoping to at least give jogging a try again, but I'm very cautious about that. So I'm leaving this goal kind of open and just saying three workouts a week.

That's it for the month of September! No DREAM BIG goal again this month. I wanted to use another one of the cute, decorative stickers instead. :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great month!