Check Out My New Cocoa Paper ANGEL Planner Cover!


After a few weeks of pondering I finally decided on my planner for 2018....the Inkwell Press Coil-Free Classic. At first it never occurred to me to get a cover for my planner, but then some people in one of the Inkwell Press Facebook groups I am in started talking about different planner covers. The one mentioned most often was the Levenger Softolio 2.0 (Junior) and I immediately fell in love with it. The problem was it was SUPER expensive and I didn't really care for the color options. Then people started talking about some other options for planner covers and I ended up checking out Cocoa Paper. It seemed like a really great company and I loved their color selection and more importantly their price. It was less than half of the cost of the Levenger!!!

So...I placed my order for the Cocoa Paper ANGEL Planner Cover in Gray and a few short weeks later it arrived! My 2018 planner fits perfectly in it! Actually, my current 2017 Coil-Bound Planner fits in it too and I LOVE it!

Check out the video below to see my Cocoa Paper Unboxing and to get a closer look at my new planner accessory.

Thanks for watching!