Hi there! My name is Beth. I am 40 years old and live in a suburb of Minneapolis with my husband (Ben) and our two boys (Nathan & Andrew). In December of 2015 I discovered YouTube. I know....where had I been, right? I found myself hooked on watching different channels about organizing, planning, and being a mom. One day while I was home from work with a sick boy I started searching for blogs and You Tube videos about using a planner to help in losing weight. Amazingly, I came up with almost nothing. While I am very familiar with losing weight and know what works (see My Weight History here), I have found myself in a bit of a rut for about the past year and nothing has been able to motivate me to lose some weight. That same day I came across an ad for the Imperfect Planner Sale at inkWELL Press. The sale had started a couple days before, so pretty much everything was sold out, but they just happened to have a planner left with the one layout and style that had piqued my interest. It was as if the stars had aligned and something was telling me that I should buy that planner and use it to help me lose weight. I suddenly became excited about the thought of putting my organizational skills (my slightly OCD nature) to use and seeing some results. As I thought about it more, I decided since I wasn't able to find much in the blogosphere about using a planner like my liveWELL planner to lose weight maybe I should try my hand at blogging and if I'm brave enough even make a few videos. 

Now two years later I am amazed at how my YouTube channel and other social media outlets have grown since I started my very public weight loss journey. At the end of 2016 I was very close to my weight loss goal and started thinking about how the name "Plan the Pounds Away" may not always apply to my channel and blog. I already felt a bit strange anytime I shared something not planner or weight loss related like grocery hauls, recipes, organization videos, or just general mom life things like making lunches and doing laundry. I started contemplating other names that might fit, but nothing jumped out at me. Then one day in late 2017 I was making a couple doctor's appointments for myself and during both phone calls the nurse/receptionist on the line asked me what my full first name was implying that it must be more than what they saw on my charts. Both times I answered, "Just Beth!" Once again it was like the universe was giving me a sign. I had this problem all the time growing up too where teachers, coaches, or other people would assume Beth could not possibly be my "real" name. You see...my name is Beth. Not Elizabeth. Not Bethany. Just Beth! The name fit! I could still share planner videos as well as share my weight loss journey, but I could also share more about my life. 

So here we are....2018! My blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram all have a new name. Don't worry though! I plan to continue just being me and sharing what's happening in my life like I always have. There will be "Plan With Me" videos. I will still share my health, fitness, and weight loss journey and when I do finally reach my goal weight I will share how I work to maintain it. As always thanks for supporting me! I look forward to seeing what the next year will bring!